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Zip codes in Hendersonville, Tennessee

Hendersonville, Tennessee – Hendersonville is located in Sumner County, Tennessee, which has beautiful scenery. Its lakefronts and historical sites make it a great place to live. Many people agree that Hendersonville is beautiful, but there is still one part of the city that many people don’t understand: the zip codes in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

This system seems simple, but it holds a lot of history about the city’s layout, and even how society has changed over time.

There are only two zip codes in Hendersonville, Tennessee

In 2020, the U.S. Census showed that 61,753 people living in Hendersonville. The city is spread out over beautiful scenery and is only 18 miles from Nashville. There are only two zip codes in Hendersonville, 37075 and 37077. This may surprise a lot of people.

A large part of Hendersonville is covered by the main zip code 37075, which covers 59.37 square miles of land area and 5.62 square miles of water area. There are 24.414 housing units.

On the other hand, 37077 isn’t like other zip codes; it’s only for P.O. boxes and doesn’t give any information about land size or population.

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Zip code numbers meaning

Each zip code is more than just a bunch of numbers; it’s like a fingerprint that tells you how to send mail to a specific area. Based on the U.S. Postal Service, Hendersonville’s zip codes are in the area of 37010 to 38589 for Tennessee.

When you break down the numbers, the “3” stands for the larger area that includes several states in the “Midwest.” Next in line, “70” finds the sectional center building, which is based in Nashville. The last two numbers, “75” and “77,” show the exact delivery places in Hendersonville. This organized encoding makes it easier to sort and send mail, connecting Hendersonville to a larger postal communication network.

The history of zip codes in Hendersonville, Tennessee

Since 1963, when the U.S. Postal Service introduced a new method of mail delivery called zip codes, zip codes in Hendersonville have been in use. This new age of postal service moved away from using only city names and state abbreviations and toward a more complex system to keep up with the growing population and mail volume in the country.

At first, 37075 covered the whole city of Hendersonville, while 37077 covered the city of Old Hickory. But things changed when Old Hickory City joined with Nashville in 1972, creating a new zip code called 37138. After the merger, 37077 found its niche by only serving P.O. boxes in Hendersonville.

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Hendersonville Zip Code 37075

Hendersonville’s primary zip code, 37075, doesn’t just blanket the city randomly. It’s sectioned, primarily into four quadrants, each with its distinct charm and residential communities.

  1. The South Quadrant: Here, modern living blends seamlessly with nature. This area, delineated by Main Street and Center Point Road, houses communities like Cherokee Woods and Mansker Farms.
  2. The East Quadrant: Characterized by lush landscapes, this segment includes parts of Center Point Road and Main Street, boasting neighborhoods such as Indian Lake Forest and Bluegrass Estates.
  3. The West Quadrant: This portion is a picturesque confluence of tranquility and suburban lifestyle, featuring areas like Winston Hills and extending its reach to the realms of Saundersville Road.
  4. The North Quadrant: A haven north of Saundersville Road, this quadrant is home to several neighborhoods, including the likes of Drakes Pointe.

On the other hand, 37077 doesn’t belong to this geographical area; it only belongs to P.O. boxes at the Hendersonville Post Office.

The beautiful views and ancient sites make Hendersonville more than just a Tennessee city. It’s a story that spans lakes, neighborhoods, and, more subtly, zip codes. These numbers do more than just help with mail. They link people’s lives, define neighborhoods, and, in their own way, shape Hendersonville’s character.

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