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Funeral homes in Hendersonville – make the right decision

Hendersonville, Tennessee – The place where you choose to honor the life of a loved one can help people who are having a hard time saying goodbye. While in Hendersonville, Tennessee, there are a few funeral homes that have unique features that make you think of your loved ones in new ways. The goal of this guide to funeral homes in Hendersonville, TN is to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision during a heartbreaking time.

Funeral homes in Hendersonville, TN

There are several good funeral homes in the middle of Hendersonville. Each one has its own past and features. We’ll talk about the specifics of each one below to help you see what makes them different.

Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Funeral Home & Cremation Center

People have been getting help from Hendersonville Memory Gardens at 353 E Main St. for more than fifty years. It’s been around since 1958, when the Henderson family began running it. This shows how dedicated they are to their job and how well they know the area.

They have many services, like typical funerals, cremations, and burials at the cemetery, so they can accommodate all memorial preferences. Their beautiful graveyard is a quiet spot where you can think and remember.

Sellars Funeral Home at Hendersonville

The Sellars Funeral Home at 108 Monthaven Park Pl is known for its very personalized approach and puts thoughtful care at the top of its list of priorities during difficult times. Sellars Funeral Home is known about their dedication to making each service polite and thoughtful, even though they offer a range of funeral and cremation packages that can be adjusted to fit different budgets.

Sellars Funeral Home at Hendersonville is one of the best funeral homes in Hendersonville, TN.

Sumner Funeral & Cremation Lakeside

The setting of Sumner Funeral & Cremation on the shores of Old Hickory Lake makes the place feel peaceful. The address is 104 Sanders Ferry Rd, and the home has a beautiful chapel on site that can be used for traditional funerals, cremations, and other meaningful events. The site by the lake gives the services a natural beauty that helps families find comfort in nature.

Funeral homes costs and services

There are many things to think about when planning a funeral service, but cost is still the most important one. It’s important to know that the prices and different services are made available so that everyone can make arrangements that fit their budget.

How much funeral homes in Hendersonville, TN charge for the services they offer?

The price of funeral services in Hendersonville can vary quite a lot. Costs for a traditional funeral run from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on things like how complicated the service is, how much personalization is chosen, and depending on the special requests customers might have. On the other hand, cremation services are less expensive (usually between $2,000 and $5,000).

Types of services

Each Hendersonville funeral home offers a wide range of services to make sure that all families’ needs and wishes are met with care and efficiency. You can expect the following services:

  1. Pre-arrangement services: Making plans ahead of time can make things a lot easier for families, both mentally and financially. With these services, everyone can make their wishes known ahead of time, making sure that the last wishes are carried out and that there aren’t any financial shocks.
  2. Traditional Services: This includes the usual order of visitation or viewing, a formal service at a church or in the hall of the funeral home, and then burial or entombment. This method has been used for a long time as a way of showing respect.
  3. Cremation services give families some options. If they choose cremation, they can keep the ashes in an urn, scatter them in a special place, or have a traditional burial.
  4. Personalization: You can add a personal touch by putting up photos, making one-of-a-kind flower arrangements, playing music, or even having a themed memorial that shows off the person’s interests or hobbies.
  5. Services for Veterans: Military funerals honor the brave people who served by giving them special honors, presenting flags, and giving them grave benefits.
  6. Certified Celebrants: If you don’t want a religious or denominational service, certified celebrants can make a program that is unique to you and the person who died, focusing on their life and memories instead of religious customs.
  7. Placement Options for Cremated Remains: There are different options for where to bury, spread, or hold cremated remains, which are their final resting place.

Making a decision, choosing the right funeral home in Hendersonville

Each funeral home in Hendersonville, TN has something different to offer. Choosing the right location is a very personal choice. It could be the peaceful atmosphere of a service by a lake, the long-standing trustworthiness of a well-known institution, or the closeness and customization of a ceremony led by family. There are many choices for how to remember your loved one, so you can be sure that their memory will be respected. This is helpful during this difficult time.

If you want to take more options into consideration, you might check out some of the best funeral homes in Gallatin.

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