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Laurel Park in Hendersonville, TN.: Where living meets the beauty of the nature

Hendersonville, Tennessee – The lovely Laurel Park in Hendersonville, TN. is not just a regular neighborhood; it’s a mix of gorgeous scenery and the ability to have everything you need close by. The company behind the project, Phillips Builders, has been in business for more than 70 years. The Laurel Park in Hendersonville, TN. is a product composed of experience, dedication and commitment. It’s safe to say that it’s the company’s biggest achievement.

What sets this project apart from everything else is the company’s aim to make each and every house feel unique. This can only be reached by focusing on details. Moving to Laurel Park is more than just getting a new house. It’s also becoming a part of a neighborhood where each house has its own personality.

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Laurel Park is strategically located just off Long Hollow Pike

Laurel Park’s allure isn’t coincidental; it’s crafted through deliberate choices that cater to its residents’ nuanced needs. The community’s strategic location just off Long Hollow Pike presents an irresistible draw, placing residents within arm’s reach of essential shopping outlets, diverse dining establishments, vibrant entertainment venues, and ample recreation opportunities. This balance is particularly appealing to today’s families and professionals who value accessibility yet yearn for a suburban haven.

Laurel Park in Hendersonville, TN.: Where living meets the beauty of the nature

Beyond mere convenience, Laurel Park sits in the picturesque “city by the lake,” with Hendersonville cradling 26 miles of Old Hickory Lake’s serene shoreline. This proximity to the lake does more than offer tranquil views; it invites residents to step out and engage with nature. The community becomes a gateway to numerous outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, swimming, and trail hiking, perfect for creating lasting memories or simply unwinding after a long week.

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The design

The community is an architectural masterpiece, a fusion of elegance and practicality. Every home is a unique story for itself. But they all have two things in common: comfort and style. Since this project was only an idea, the company behind the Laurel Park project wanted to provide quality at an affordable price. Their commitment to this idea has remained to date. Home prices vary between $514,779 and $594,748 as each varies from 2,300 to over 2,700 square feet.

And that’s not all. There are various types of floor plans offered to future homeowners to make their future home as per their liking. Each of the home units is consisted of spacious rooms, gourmet kitchens, cozy fireplaces and covered decks that serve as the ideal backdrop for social gatherings or quiet reflection.

Some housing units also have alley-access garages. This does not only make the whole living experience in Laurel Park more convenient, but also provides sense of privacy and security. There are many similar details offered to homeowners. And while those doesn’t mean much on paper, collectively contribute to a higher standard of living and peace of mind.

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The living experience

What really makes Laurel Park special is the genuine, friendly vibe among neighbors.

This isn’t a place where “community” is just some vague idea; it’s the real deal, felt every day.

It’s all thanks to the super active homeowners’ association, planning all sorts of events that bring everyone even closer. Think fun gatherings, movie nights, and all kinds of stuff that make you feel part of something bigger.

Plus, there’s no shortage of things to do right nearby, what with a playground for the kids and trails for your daily walks, keeping everyone happy and healthy.

Families really dig this, as it gives the kids a great place to play, make friends, and get some fresh air. It’s a safe, stimulating spot for little ones. Honestly… it just feels like home.

Laurel Park is a real catch for anyone worried about costs. Even with all its perks and perfect spot near Nashville, this community is all about keeping things affordable. It’s doing its part so more folks and families can get in on the good stuff without breaking the bank.

If you look back at how it all started, Laurel Park’s story is pretty much the story of Hendersonville getting back on its feet. The company behind the project kept their eyes on the prize, never losing sight of what they wanted Laurel Park to be. Now, it’s a shining example of smart community building—with homes set against the gorgeous green backdrop of Tennessee.

But Laurel Park has never been just a bunch of homes; there always has been much more that. It’s been about a dream of community life that’s in tune with the great outdoors. The beautiful laurel trees around here say it all. This is just a nature-made process of mixing nature’s magic with strong roots. And living here means you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from local gems like Jump Off Rock, calling out to all who love a good view or a taste of adventure.

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