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Carellton Gallatin, TN: The perfect suburban oasis

Gallatin, Tennessee – Carellton in Gallatin, TN is a beautifully planned neighborhood in the middle of the city. It has all the charm of a small town with all the modern comforts, which makes it one of the most sought-after places to live in the area.

Carellton in Gallatin, TN – The location

Carellton is conveniently located just off of Interstate 65, making it great for people who want to live in the suburbs but still want easy access to city life. The neighborhood is only 25 miles northeast of Nashville, so people can enjoy the historic vibes of downtown Gallatin and the shopping wonders of Indian Lake while still being close to the busy downtown area of Nashville.

Homes and pricing in Carellton, Gallatin, TN

The homes in Gallatin, TN’s Carellton area are a mix of new and old styles. These middle-sized homes start at $459,900, and the most expensive ones cost $564,900. These homes are a good deal and are slightly more expensive to live in than the state average but still much less expensive than Nashville.

Community amenities

Carellton residents have access to a variety of services that are meant to make life better. Many people love the junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, and the center is where people from the neighborhood get together. People who like being outside can use a number of grilling spots, a state-of-the-art fitness center, or the disc golf course for some fun in the sun.

What makes Carellton so popular?

Delving deeper into what makes Carellton in Gallatin, TN good deal:

  • Plethora of amenities, from fitness centers to playgrounds.
  • It falls under the Sumner County School District, renowned for its academic excellence.
  • Proximity to local attractions like the Streets of Indian Lake shopping center and Gallatin Historic Downtown Square.
  • Nashville’s iconic sites, such as the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Frist Art Museum, are a short drive away.

The community has garnered rave reviews from its residents, reflecting its offerings:

  • John Smith says, “Carellton is the perfect place to call home! Friendly neighbors, outstanding amenities, and top-tier schools. What more could one ask for?”
  • Jane Doe echoes this sentiment, noting, “Living in Carellton is a dream come true. From its safety to the range of activities available for all age groups and the convenience of commuting to Nashville, it’s unparalleled.”

Making the right decision

Carellton is a great place to live whether you’re a family looking for a safe place to raise your kids, a worker looking for a quiet place to relax after a long day, or a retiree looking for a community that has everything you need. It’s more than just a neighborhood; it’s a way of life, thanks to its southern charm, great setting, and many amenities. This is what makes Carellton unique and why it’s a crown jewel of suburban life.

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