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Gallatin Public Utilities: Essential services for the Gallatin community

Gallatin, Tennessee – When you think of important services, Gallatin Public Utilities (GPU) is the first name that comes to mind. This public energy company helps Gallatin to be a nicer place for living. The city of Gallatin runs GPU, which provides water, handles waste water, and provides natural gas services. These services are very important for the community’s health, well-being, and economy.

Gallatin Public Utilities offers the following services:

Water service

GPU takes water from Old Hickory Lake and sends it to a water treatment plant, where it is cleaned and treated. This makes sure that it meets or beats the government standards for drinking water. After being treated, the water is  sent to more than 20,000 customers. This makes sure that every tap in Gallatin has safe, clean water.

Wastewater service

Gallatin Public Utilities knows how important it is to protect the environment, so they make sure that the wastewater from their customers’ homes and businesses is handled very carefully. The wastewater is then sent to GPU’s treatment plant, where it is cleaned up and safely dumped into the Cumberland River. This keeps the environment healthy and balanced.

Natural gas service

One of the safest ways to get energy is to use natural gas. GPU’s natural gas service, which serves about 11,500 users, is more than just giving them gas. They buy it in bulk from reputable companies and make sure it gets to homes and businesses safely with a network of 361 miles of natural distribution system pipes.

Gallatin Public Utilities: Commitment to affordability, safety, and reliability

Gallatin Public Utilities makes all of its decisions based on its duty to the community. They think about things like usage and area because they want to offer high-quality services at the best prices. But Gallatin Public Utilities is different because they have great customer service and relatively affordable prices. GPU makes it easy for its customers to pay by offering a range of methods, such as bank drafts and an after-hours bill payment machine. There’s more to their service than that. GPU is known for helping people in need with a variety of financial aid programs, making sure that everyone can get to the things they need.

There will always be problems when you’re in charge of a public service. To be fair, GPU deals with these problems in a responsible way. Safety is very important. One way to make it easier to find leaks is to add an odorant to natural gas. Their large underground network, which includes 361 miles of natural distribution system pipes, is carefully kept up to make sure it always works.

Gallatin Public Utilities also knows that affordability is an important part of dependability, not just infrastructure.

The Operation Round-Up

Gallatin Public Utilities has a service to help people in need in the community. Through their “Operation Round-Up” scheme, customers can choose to round up their utility bill to the nearest dollar. The extra money is then put together to help families who are having trouble paying their bills. All of these gifts make a big difference for people in need, whether they are elderly and on a fixed income or going through a sudden crisis. A few pennies from each bill can add up to help a lot of people, showing how powerful community support can be.

Gallatin Public Utilities plays an integral role in the Gallatin community by providing essential services. They keep improving the quality of life for people in Gallatin by focusing on safety, dependability, affordability, great customer service, and community projects like Operation Round-Up.

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