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Goodlettsville Animal Hospital, a trusted partner in pet care

Goodlettsville, Tennessee – With its top-notch veterinary care and personal touch, Goodlettsville Animal Hospital (GAH) has become an important part of the Goodlettsville neighborhood. In 1972, things went well, and the pet care center has been around for decades.

Goodlettsville Animal Hospital knows that pets are loved parts of the family and is committed to providing a service that combines the best medical practices with the most caring and convenient care.

Goodlettsville Animal Hospital offers tailored experience to clients and their pets

GAH isn’t just a building; it’s a place made to make you and your pet feel good. The hospital has added features to make every visit easier because they know how busy life can be these days:

  • Easy to use at every turn: The hospital lets people drop off their pets early and pick them up late, so the services can fit with their schedules. Appointments in the evening are no longer unusual for the team; they happen all the time.
  • Promise of emergency care: Pets and accidents don’t get time off. Together with Blue Pearl of Rivergate Emergency Clinic, Goodlettsville Animal Hospital keeps its promise to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency care.

These aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re the hospital’s promise to make your visit easy and stress-free, because they know that veterinary care doesn’t stop when you have other things to do.

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Exceptional care backed by passion and expertise

At Goodlettsville Animal Hospital, their commitment goes beyond just doing their job. The emotional connection people have with their furry friends drives the hospital staff’s work, from regular checkups to life-saving surgeries.

What every pet owner should know before visiting the hospital

Pet owners should bring their pets’ medical and vaccination records to the first visit so that they can get good care in the future. This physical test creates a baseline for your health that will be used to guide future personalized care plans. The long-term plan for preventative healthcare includes working together to plan your health, getting regular checkups, and getting any treatments that are needed.

Education and preventative care

One of the most important things that the hospital does is teach pet owners how to take better care of their pets. Employees at the hospital have interesting conversations about the overall health of pets, with a focus on preventative steps. The opinion is firm: pet owners who know how to properly handle and care about their pets have healthier pets.

Meet the Goodlettsville Animal Hospital team

The people who work at Goodlettsville Animal Hospital are what make this hospital stand out. The team of veterinary workers is not only well-respected in their field, but they also really care about animals.

  • Diana Pelletier’s journey started in Maine and went to Tennessee after she finished school. Her life with her family and pets is a busy environment, just like the energy she brings to GAH, where she has been an important figure since she graduated.
  • Todd Gross is from Tennessee and learned how to work with a variety of animals before following his heart and coming to GAH. His care for animals shows how much he cares about small animals’ health.
  • Amanda Porter is ready to bring new knowledge to the team and is a useful addition.
  • Adrienne White, Practice Manager, is a true example of dedication; she has been working here for years, first as a veterinary assistant. She’s happy when animals are happy, and so is her pet dog Odie, who is kind of like GAH’s mascot.
  • Paulette Resha, Groomer, knew early on that she was meant to be a groom. She has been grooming pets with care and kindness since 1983 and is a tradition at our hospital. She makes sure pets not only feel good but also look great.

Goodlettsville Animal Hospital is committed to organized and compassionate service

Appointment Philosophy

Goodlettsville Animal Hospital works mostly by schedules, so they respect the time of each pet owner. Even though emergencies can sometimes throw off plans, this policy makes sure that every pet gets care without feeling rushed. For your ease, the hospital also lets you make drop-off appointments, which shows how flexible they are.


Unplanned trips are welcome, and you can be sure that you’ll be taken care of as soon as possible. The policy says that appointments must go as planned, unless there are emergencies that need instant attention.

Goodlettsville Animal Hospital offers various services

GAH is a leader in meeting a wide range of medical needs. They provide a wide range of services that cover a pet’s life from its playful youth to its calm old age. Goodlettsville Animal Hospital is ready for any situation, whether it’s routine care, important tests, complicated surgery, or responding to an emergency. They can also help with everyday things like grooming and nutrition.

Getting in touch and scheduling an appointment

Goodlettsville Animal Hospital is situated at the heart of your community, eager to welcome you into the family. Reach the hospital at:

603 S Main St. Goodlettsville, TN 37072 (615) 859-1277

Operating Hours

Monday through Friday: 6:30am – 8:00pm Saturday: 8:00am – 4:00pm Sunday: Closed

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