Blake Shelton Admits He Almost Quit

‘The Voice’ Season 4: Blake Shelton Admits He Almost Quit

Blake Shelton is opening up about how his overwhelming schedule caused him to throw in the towel on “The Voice.” Temporarily, that is. In 2012, the “Over” singer filmed Seasons 2 and 3 of the hit competition show, and began filming Season 4. He also released his sixth studio album, Red River Blue, and first holiday project, Cheers, It’s Christmas, which he followed with his very own Christmas TV special. No wonder his wife Miranda Lambert admitted the two had only spent five months together since getting married in May 2011.
“Oh my God, it sucked,” Blake told Wetpaint. “I don’t care who wants me to say that or not. I was doing Season 3 of ‘The Voice,’ Season 4 of ‘The Voice,’ CMAs, and my Christmas special all within like three weeks of each other. And there was one point where I called my manager, and was like, ‘That’s it. I quit. I just quit. Figure it out. I’m going home.'”
While the Oklahoma native has found a way to successfully juggle his career and personal life, he may not be keen to jump into another TV show once “The Voice” is over.
“We’re all learning, figuring out how to balance being a maturing country artist and then someone that’s involved in television now,” Blake muses. “I don’t know if I’ll do it once ‘The Voice’ is over, but I’m having a ball doing it right now.”
Blake is definitely committed to Season 4 of the show — unlike Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, who have been replaced by Shakira and Usher — but the concern of keeping up with the filming schedule and continuing to be a viable artist is one the 36-year-old has been voicing for a while.
“At some point something’s got to give,” Blake said during a press conference at last summer’s CMA Music Festival. “I’ve been very vocal with the network and Mark Burnett’s production company that I don’t like it. They need to think about what the [taping schedule] means to all of us.”
Despite the worry, Blake — who won both Seasons 2 and 3 — is pleased to be helping upcoming artists. “I look forward to it and I love doing it,” he admits. “I can’t imagine not being a part of ‘The Voice.'”

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