T G Sheppard is home(Here is a note from him.)


From Tg Sheppard,

Hi, just wanted to give you all a personal update on my health, and to thank each and everyone of you for all your prayers and well wishes. I have just returned home for the third time from Vanderbilt hospital, where I have been treated for a severe blood infection and heart condition. With a new pacemaker and several. more weeks of high powered antibiotics, I hope to be back to normal soon. The ordeal which began Oct. 14th, seems to be a nightmare that I can’t seem to wake up from. Every time I feel like I am on my way back, I seem to end up back in the hospital. It has and continues to be the most trying time of my life. But thanks to all of you and my wife Kelly Lang, and the great doctors, I hope to get an “all clear” in the near future. Thanks again, for I feel that the greatest medicine that I have received in the last few weeks, are your prayers. When Kelly would read me your posts, it would lift me up. Never take for granted the Power Of God and your health. Best of life, TG.

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