Gann named new Lafayette Police Chief

Gann named new Lafayette Police  Chief
          by Tilly  Dillehay EditorMacon County Times

The City of Lafayette has made official hire of its new Police Chief as of  Thursday, November 8. Stacey Gann, currently Chief Deputy at the Macon County  Sheriff Department and formerly a detective with the Lafayette City Police, was  voted in during the City Council’s monthly meeting. His first day on the job  will be November 19.

Gann has been a Deputy since 2007, and in law enforcement for almost 18  years. He started as a 3rd shift patrolman with the Lafayette Police  Department in 1995, and has moved through the ranks since then.

Gann said his first order of business is housekeeping: “Right now, it’s just  getting the department back in order,” he said. “It’s been under a lot of stress  the last year and a half. We’ll be getting back to serve and protecting our  citizens.

“Over time, I’d like it to be a more community-oriented department. [This  means] being involved more in local events— that’s the only time we can interact  with the public that is positive.”

Gann’s team at the Lafayette Police Department consists of 15 men, many of  whom he knows from his previous work there. “I’ve worked with some of them,  hired some of them here—there’s a lot of good guys there. Ever since I left,  I’ve been interested in [the Chief position], but this was just the first  opportunity I had to put in for it. It’s kind of home for me; it’s where I  started. Glad to be going back.”

Gann lives in Lafayette with his wife, Heather, and three sons: Tyler, 13,  Tanner, 10, and Trey, 4.


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