Voting for the Presidential Election

The opportunity to vote early is past, but please exercise your right tomorrow.   This is an important election, so GO VOTE! 
The right to vote is a both a privilege and a responsibility of citizens of the United States of America.  The constitution gives us that right, but it has taken a long process throughout our history for this privilege to be all-inclusive.  When the country was founded, in most states, only white men with real property or sufficient wealth for taxation were permitted to vote. Freed African Americans could vote in four states. White men who did not have means to pay taxes, almost all women, and all other people of color were denied this right.   During the Civil War, the property ownership requirement for most white men was lifted, but that was not the case for white women, people of color, or Native Americans.  This would take years of amendments to the Constitution for all of this to change. Presently, it almost seems that the voting process has become too easy; to the point that even the right to place our vote has been taken for granted and not acknowledged as stated above:  a privilege and a responsibility.Early voting for all elections, now provided for the voter’s convenience in the state of Tennessee, begins 20 days before the election and ends 5 days before the election.   To vote early, a person must appear in person and provide a valid photo id at either the county election commission office or at a satellite voting location.   Although closed from voting on holidays, a person may vote early on any Saturday that falls during this time frame. There are many advantages to voting early, one being able to choose a day that best fits your schedule and, in the case of this presidential election, to hopefully avoid the crowds and extremely long lines.  Listed below are early voting times and locations for Sumner and Davidson County.  Hopefully, this will help you to get to the polls early to exercise both your right and your privilege as a citizen of the United States of America. 

For more info:

Also, please consider voting in honor of an American soldier.  Info and forms are provided at each of these websites.   

 THANKS!  Kay Cox Jordan

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