This Shower Needs No Umbrella

Popular American author Samuel Clemens, known to us as Mark Twain, had a lot to say about the progression of life.  This is what he said about the birth of a human child:  “A baby is an inestimable blessing and bother”.  How true that can seem, especially when you are the one preparing for the arrival of this blessing.  At a recent Baby Shower, I found some great ideas that could make one step in this process a little easier.

The first photo above shows a cake made completely out of diapers.  The second, a fruit salad made to look like a baby carriage carved from a watermelon.  The third depicts decorations consisting of pictures of the ultrasound images, and silk flowers placed in mason jars.  The activity shown in the fourth photo is one that helps the mom-to-be prepare for the little one’s arrival:  making scrapbook pages to commemorate the event.  Also shown is a young participant showing off her work and a sample of pages completed.  All of the snacks offered were finger foods, and the traditional cake and sherbet punch.   Games were simple and fun, including a drawing for a gift certificate for anyone bringing diapers for the newborn.  The hardest part was saying goodbye to everyone after having such fun.

In the future, if you are helping to prepare for someone’s blessed event, these easy ideas may help to make this occasion seem even more of a blessing rather than a bother.


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